Poros is a small island-pair in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf, close to Aegina and Agistri. With only 24 nautical miles from Athens makes it a popular destination not only for the Greeks.

Poros consists of two islands: Sphairia and Kalavria. Sphairia, in the southern part, is of volcanic origin. Kalavria, the northern and largest part, is planted with pine trees. A bridge connects the two islands over a narrow strait.

In ancient times the island was believed to be the home of Poseidon, God of the Sea.

Poros Town is the capital and main harbor of the island. It is a beautiful little town, emphasized by the whitewashed narrow streets with bougainvillea and hibiscus in bright colours.

Landmarks and Museums

  • The Archeological Museum houses findings from the temple of Poseidon and from excavations in neighboring areas of Peloponnese.
  • The Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi is located 4 km east of the main town of Poros island. The monastery is built on a slope of a pine forest. It was founded in 1720 by the Archbishop of Athens. In 1828 John Kapodistrias founded the first orphanage of the liberated Greek nation for the orphans of the warriors of the war for freedom.
  • The Temple of Poseidon – what remains today are mere ruins. It is believed to date back to 520BC.
  • Poros Clock Tower is the first thing you see when entering the port. The Clock Tower was built in 1927 on the highest top of the hill.

Discover Poros

The Lemon Forest: the renowned lemon forest of Greece is situated opposite the port of Poros. The Lemon Forest is a beautiful hill full of lemon and orange trees. It is an ideal place for those who love nature and enjoy walking.

The Citronne Gallery: situated in an 18th century building in Poros Town, this bright and beautiful mansion hosts various interesting art exhibitions.

Poros Beaches: although a small island, Poros has many beautiful beaches: sandy and pebbled. Among the most beautiful ones are Askeli and the Love Bay. Askeli beach is a beautiful large organised beach with golden sand and clear waters. Love Bay is probably the most beautiful beach on Poros. It is a small bay surrounded by pine trees. Monastiri:  the name of this beach derives from the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi that is situated up on the hills. This organised, serene and sandy beach with its clear waters is popular with families and water sport lovers. Megalo Neorio: this lovely beach with its fine golden sand and crystal waters is surrounded by greenery and has some delicious fish taverns along the coast. The Russian Bay is a quiet sandy beach well protected from the wind. Russian Bay is a historic site because the first Russian ships which helped the Greeks in the revolution against the Turkish occupation were moored here.

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