The most famous Medieval Castle Town in Greece, Monemvasia is built literally on a limestone rock in the sea, connected with mainland by a bridge.

The name of the town means “Single Entrance” and it also has the nickname “Gibraltar of the East” as the rock is a miniature of the rock of Gibraltar.

There are signs of human activity since prehistoric times when the rock was called “Minoan Edge” and is mentioned by the ancient geographers Pausanias and Strabo.

The actual establishment of the town was in the 6th century BC by the Spartans. During the Byzantine era the town flourished economically due to its position.

Monemvasia through its long history was occupied by the Ottomans and the Venetians until 1828 that was united with Greece, again.

The rock of Monemvasia is a protected habitat by NATURA 2000 and has a height of 15m. Monemvasia is 947km2 and nowadays has a population of approx. 100.

Discover Monemvasia

Walk through fairy tale scenery with the vaulted alleys, the Byzantine churches and the Venetian mansions.

Let the feeling of myth and history surround you and forget the fast ways of today.

The beaches

  • Aghia Kyriaki, with white peddles and clear and warm waters.
  • Megali Ammo, with the amazing clear waters.
  • Drymiskos
  • Vlychada
  • Kochylas
  • Kastraki
  • Pori
  • Kakkavos

Activities and Events

You can do various, not common, things in Monemvasia.

Have a wine tour and classic cooking classes.

Go trekking round the rock.

When in Monemvasia, make sure to try the local sweet wine Malvazia, that is set in the sun for months before being consumed.

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