The peninsula of Methana is on the north-east part of the Peloponnese and famous for its thermal springs and its active volcano, although its last activity was in 1700 AD.

The first human traces are from the Neolithic period and have been inhabited continuously ever since. Many archeological foundings were excavated from there, some of them unique. The area connecting the peninsula of Methana with the Peloponnese is named a protected Archeological Area.

Very famous are the thermal springs, the result of the volcano, well known since antiquity. Due to the large numbers of thermal springs visitors, in 1870 the city of Methana was built and in 1912 the first hydrotherapy center was established.

Τhe population of approx. 2.000 but in summer the number arises a lot. 

Discover Methana

  • Lofos Paleokastrou with the Acropolis
  • Faviero’s castle
  • The Archeological site of Saint Konstantinos & Eleni
  • The Throni plateau 
  • The islet of Agii Anargini
  • Peristera’s Cave

The beaches 

  • Aghii Anargiri
  • Aghios Nikolaos
  • Karastamati 
  • Vathi 
  • Paleokastro 
  • Mouha 
  • Limniona 

Activities and Events

Methana is an ideal place for families as there are activities for all ages.

Based at Methana, you can make short trips to close archeological sites. You can also go trekking to the signed paths. There is also a nautical club. You can enjoy sea sports.

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