Dokos is an archeological park and anchorage between Hydra, Spetses, and Ermioni. The island is only 13,5 km2 and has a population of 18, mainly monks, fishermen, and shepherds. During summer, however, it is visited, by many free campers. 

In antiquity, it was called Aperopia (endless view), due to the unlimited view it provides and the strategic point it has. The island was owned until the 18th century by the Dokos family from Hydra and that’s how it got its new name. 

Traces of human activity from the Copper Age, more than 6.000 years ago, were found on the island.

Close to its northern cost was founded in 1975, the oldest shipwreck in the world estimated 2200-2700 B.C. 

During the Byzantine years, there was a castle built on the island that was destroyed by the Arabs in the 7th century AD.

What makes Dokos so popular to visitors is the picturesque Skintos bay with its clear waters. And of course the safety it provides from the winds.

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