The beautiful, full of pine trees, the island of Agistri, is located next to Aegina and is the biggest of a group of tiny islands. Although there haven’t been done any archeological excavations, on the west side of the island there are sunk antiquities even from the prehistoric period. 

During the historical times, along with Aegina and the islands, was the kingdom of Aegina. There is not much-written information about Agkistri’s history, just hints by ancient writers.

Thucydides called the island Kekryfalia meaning “ornate head”. Its modern name, Hook in Modern Greek, comes from a belief that the beauty of the island “hooks” its visitors, and some become permanent inhabitants. 

Agistri has four settlements: Megalochori – the capital -, Skala – the natural port-, Limenaria and Metochi.

Τhe island is 11,97 km2 and nowadays has a population of approx. 1.100. The capital of the island is Parikia and has a lot of villages and settlements.

The beaches 

  • Skala
  • Skliri 
  • Chalikiada 
  • Megalochori 
  • Dragonera 
  • Aponisos 
  • Mareza 

Activities and Events

On Agistri, you can enjoy sea sports, trekking, diving, underwater fishing, cycling, and yachting races. 

The fresh fish is amazingly tasteful. 

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