The “Caribbean” of Greece! Is located on the west side of Epirus region facing the Ionian Sea. The village expands round a picturesque port with a paved deck.

Before 1940, the name of the village was Mourtos but after that date the village was named after its ancient name, Syvota.

During the historical years, the famous naval battle of Syvota took place, during the Peloponnesian war.

The village along with the rest of Epirus was reunited with Greece in 1913, after the First World War.

Syvota has a population of approx. 900.

Discover Syvota

Across the village there are isles, full of green and with amazing waters. To one of them, you can go on foot as it is connected with the shore with a narrow sand path.

The beaches

The two main beaches are Bella Vraka and Pisina. There are also some tiny ones, waiting for you to explore: Zavia, Stavento and Mega Ammos.

It is the place for a yacht visitors! Amazing tiny bays for you to find.

Activities and Events

Enjoy the beauty of the land scape. Relax in the unique waters and let your heart be fulfilled!

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