If the Corfu is the “Queen of the Ionian”, Parga is the “Princess of the Ionian”. The picturesque town, despite it is located in the mainland district of Epirus, looks like an Ionian Island, known for its environment.

Inhabited since the ancient years, was a very important point during the Roman occupation of Greece. The name Parga was first used in 1318 and is probably of Slavic origin. It was part of the Epirus Despot during the Byzantine era. 

The town was occupied by the Venetians, the French, and the British, who sold the town to the Ottomans. The people were then forced to move to Corfu in order to avoid being enslaved. The town along with the rest of Epirus was reunited with Greece in 1913.

Parga is an island of 276,5 km², and now has a population of approx. 2.500.

Discover Parga

  • The Venetian Castle
  • The tiny island with the church dedicated to Virgin Mary
  • The Ecclesiastical museum
  • The picturesque stone roads of the town
  • The underwater spring in the bay of Aghios Giannis
  • The natural caves at Lichno
  • The numerous tiny churches in the town, some of which since the Byzantine era

The beaches 

Most of the following beaches and bays are used as ports and moorages for yachts.

  • Krioneri
  • Piso Krioneri
  • Valtos
  • Lichnos
  • Ai Giannakis
  • Sarakiniko
  • Aghios Sostis

and many more.

Activities and Events

On the 15th of August of every year, Pargina or Kanaria take place and is a celebration both religious-celebrating Virgin Mary-and historical as a representation of the return of the people’s town back after a century of being away from their fathers land. A spectacular event, worth seeing!

When at Parga a visitor can do almost all the known sea sports and additionally visit the mountains around, ideal for hiking.

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