The “Big Island” is located between Lefkada island and the mainland. It is the biggest of a group of islands Priggiponisia (the Prince islands).

The island is mentioned by the famous Greek geographer, historian and philosopher Strabo by the name Tafos or Tafias.  During the Copper period that island was inhabited by the tribe of Televoes that dominated the seas around.

There is an urban legend, saying that during the Greco-Italian war (1940) one of the historical and best Greek submarines (Papanikolis) was hiding in a cave of the island.

Meganisi is 22,5 km2. Nowadays has a population of approx. 1.100. The capital of the island is Katomeri and has two more villages Vathi and Spartochori. In the same group of islands as Megalisi, belongs the isle of Scorpios that is owned by the Onasis family.

The beaches

  • Aghios Ioannis
  • Spilia
  • Barbarezou
  • Fanari
  • Megalo Limonari
  • Herniades
  • Pasoumaki

 Activities and Events

Apart from swimming and sunbathing, you can go hiking on the island as there are many old paths. Best time for hiking is spring and autumn when temperatures are not as high.

For sure you’ll enjoy the fresh fish and the delicious local dishes.

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