The name of the island comes from the cape Lefkada to the south end of it and it means White Edge. According to myth, that is the place that the famous ancient poetess Sappho, committed suicide due to the unfortunate love for the ferryman, Phaon.

There are traces of human activity on the island since the Paleolithic period. Lefkada is the only Ionian island that was occupied by the Turks for 200 years. After that, it was occupied by the Venetians, the French, and the British until 1864 which became – along with the other Ionian Islands- part again, of Greece.

Lefkada, which is very close to the coast of Sterea Ellada, is connected with the mainland by a bridge and along with the island of Evia are the only islands in Greece reachable by car.

A fact not well known is that Lefkada is the birthplace of Lefkadios Hern, National Poet of Japan! It is also the birthplace of Agnes Baltsa, a worldwide famous opera singer.

Lefkada, is 165 n.m. from Athens and is 325 km2. Nowadays has a population of approx. 25.000. The capital of the island is Lefkada and the isles of Kalamos, Kastos and Meganisi are a County. 

Discover Lefkada

  • The Waterfalls at Nydri
  • The Archeological Museum
  • The Phonograph Museum
  • The Folk Art Museum “Orfeas”
  • The Lighthouse at Lefkata Cape

The beaches 

  • Porto Katsiki, the most famous one
  • Egremni
  • Mili
  • Agiofulli
  • Mikros Gialos
  • Aghios Ioannis
  • Kalamitsi

Activities and Events

On August 6th, every year takes place the festival of Lentils, local produce served with sardines and a lot of local delicious wine.

The romantic Varkarola takes place also in August. Ornated boats with guitarists on, play traditional songs under the moonlight, in the sea.

On Lefkada is located the second (after Corfu’s) oldest philharmonic band in Greece.

Many religious festivals take place, all over Greece, mainly from Spring to the end of September. 

A blue-green emerald worth visit!

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