The largest of the Ionian Islands is the sixth biggest island of Greece. Its official name is Kefallinia and the myth says that the island was given as a present to the Athenian hero Kefalos. There is also a saying that the name of the island comes from the word kefali (head in Greek).

There are traces of human activity on the island since the Paleolithic period. Kefalonia was occupied by the Venetians, the French, and the British until it was united with Greece in 1864. Kefalonia, along with the other Ionian Islands, constituted the first free Greek state (1800-1807).

The island has the tallest mountain of the Ionian Islands, Enos (Gr-Αίνος) of 1.628m in height. There can be found a unique, protected black pine. 

The 2001 film “The Mandolin of Captain Corelli” was filmed in Kefalonia and made the island even more famous than it was.

Kefalonia is 164 n.m. from Athens and is 773 km2. Nowadays has a population of approx. 39.000. The capital of the island is Argostoli and it has many picturesque villages.

Discover Kefalonia

  • Melissani, an amazing cave with a lake that is 20m. under the earth level. In the lake, there is a tiny island and in antiquity was a worship place of god Pan
  • The Archeological Museum in Argostoli
  • The Botanical Garden 
  • Charokopion, the unique museum for embroidery in Greece
  • The lighthouse of Agii Theodori
  • The Mycenaean Tomb  
  • The Monastery of Atros

The beaches 

Some of the exceptional beaches of the island:

  • Skala, with the roman villa and the nightlife.
  • Fiskardo, that is a harbor
  • Argostoli, which is a harbor but where you can also see turtles.
  • Lixouri 
  • Myrtos
  • Makris Yialos
  • Pessada
  • Vouti 
  • Foki

Activities and Events

Kefalonia, like all the Greek islands, has a long and rich tradition. Many religious festivals take place, mainly during summer.

At the end of August, the International Music Festival takes place.

There is also the festival of Varkarola that cantades (traditional songs influenced by the Italian bell canto) are sung on boats.

In the mid of August, takes place a festival that is dedicated to the local wine, Rompola.

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