The smallest island in the Ionian Sea, Kastos, is located southeast of Lefkada and is a long shape isle of just 6km2 and 50 inhabitants in winter. In the summertime, though, there are approx. 500 people on the island. The nickname of the island is “Hermit” due to the isolation it provides.

It is full of olive trees and is considered to be an exceptional fish place. Kastos offers a safe moorage for all the yachts sailing in the Ionian Sea.

There are no cars on the island, and there are many paths that the visitor may use to walk around the island.
The island is famous for the clear waters and the century’s old olive trees that are of a specific species – found only on the Ionian Islands- that is very very tall, with huge trunks, and produce very small olives.

Enjoy a time away from the fast way of modern life. Swim, walk around, eat fresh fish and drink cool wine!

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