Kalamos is a small island in the Ionian Sea known for its beauty and greenery scene. The only other time we meet such vast pine forest is in the Sporades. The first sight of the island would easily remind you a small part of heaven hidden in the Ionian Sea.

As mentioned the island is quite small and the main settlements there are only two – Kalamos and Episkopi. There are three ports in the island where you could dock: Kalamos, Episkopi and Porto Leone where you can find a two century old bridge. Also the windmills in Agrapidia and the caves there are worth your while. The sights you should not miss are the Church of Agia Triada and the old monastery of Saint Donatos.

There are plenty of small beaches, where the breath-taking scenery will forever stay in your heart and mind. Below is our list:

  • Myrtia
  • Asprogyali
  • Agrapidia
  • Peyki
  • Kefali
  • Kedros
  • Alexaki
  • Khpoi
  • Traxilos

The island is known for its wine, olive oil and of course the fresh fish since most of the local residents are fishermen.

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