The worldwide known name, Ithaca, according to the myth was the homeland of Odysseus and is generally identified with the modern island of Ithaca, one of the Heptanese.

The history of the island connected with that of the other Ionian Islands as it was occupied by Venetians, French, British until it was part of Greece in 1864 with the Treaty of London.

Ithaca is 117 km2. Nowadays has a population of approx. 3.300. The capital of the island is Vathy

Arkoudi and Atokos are 4 km2 each and the second one is private property. Along with some other islets of the Ionian Sea (Meganisi, Arkoudi, Atokos, Vromonas) belong to NATURA 2000 net, as there are some important Posidonia Oceanica there.

The beaches

All the beaches of the island have clear blue waters and the visitor will be fully satisfied.

  • Ammos tis Marias
  • Filiatro
  • Tsitsimida
  • Skinos
  • Sarakiniko
  • Platia Ammos
  • Piso Aetos
  • Pera Pigadi
  • Kioni

Activities and Events

When in Ithaca make sure you visit the 8 picturesque villages. Each one is so beautiful and unique.

Make sure to enjoy the local cuisine and wine. Let yourself relax and get “lost” in the colors that this mythical island is offering.

During summer 6 religious festivals take place. The Centre of Odysseus Studies organizes international conferences for scholars of Homer from all over the world.

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