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What is a bareboat charter?

Are you a qualified skipper, dreaming about setting sails in beautiful Greece? ​We have the perfect bareboat sailing or motor yacht for every type of sailor, from experienced captain to novice skipper, and for every budget whether modest or unlimited.

What qualifications do I need to charter a bareboat sailing yacht in Greece?

Please note, according to the Greek Authorities, it is obligatory to have a minimum of one sailing license/ and one experienced crew member as co-skipper for bareboat charters. Certifications that are recognized include the ASA, The NauticEd SLC (Sailing License and Certification) & RYA Certifications. The Day Skipper Certificates may not be accepted by the Port Authority. Hence, Charterers are strongly advised to certify that they have at their disposal an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). It is feasible for any possessor of the “Day Skipper” certificate to obtain their ICC from the yachting association that issued their Day Skipper certificate. The respective procedure usually only includes the submission of a simple application. We recommend you to contact your yachting association on time before your trip, taking into consideration that usually 20 days are needed for the issuance of the certificates. Furthermore, the local Port Authorities may require a sailing experience declaration on behalf of the skipper and co-skipper. In case the skipper’s certification is not accepted by the Port Authority, Broker, Stakeholder, and Owner shall not be responsible. Therefore, if the skipper’s sailing skills and qualifications do not meet the necessary criteria and are deemed to be insufficient, Anyachting reserves the right to require that charterers hire a professional skipper.

What is a skippered charter?

Don’t you have a sailing license or you just want to relax during your vacation? No problem! You can charter our yachts with a skipper, who will sail for you. You and your friends or family can muck in as much or as little as you like.

​All of our skippers are local and can give you great tips on ports to visit, restaurants to eat at, places to swim, and then of course on what locations to avoid.

What is a crewed charter?

Are you looking for the ultimate luxury vacation? If yes, our crewed charters are definitely for you.

​They will allow you to explore the world’s most spectacular spots with comfort and luxury, while an experienced crew will be onboard to personally tend to you and your guests’ every need.

​Like luxury yachts, every charter crew is different and it is possible to have your scuba diving instructor, personal trainer, or beauty therapist, depending on what you are looking for.

​Many of our guests described the experience on board of our crewed charters as: “having a holiday at a luxurious hotel, which transfers you to a secluded bay with emerald waters every morning and offers an exciting sail to a different pretty village every evening!”

What is the Advanced Provisioning Allowance, APA?

In crewed charters, the Charterer pays an amount upfront that is expected to cover all expenses that accrue during the yacht charter, including for instance fuel costs, harbor fees, food and beverages, and transfers to and from the yacht. The APA is managed by the captain/skipper of the yacht and any non-used amount will be reimbursed to the charterer. Likewise, if expenses are higher than the pre-paid APA amount, additional payments will be required. The APA is typically calculated as a percentage of the charter fee (usually 20%- 25% for sailing boats and 30%-35% for motorboats).

What should we tip our crew?

If you are happy with your crew, we suggest an average of 10-15% of the charter cost.

How do I book my sailing vacation in Greece?

Please check our charter reservation guide (link)

Are children welcome onboard?

Of course! They will have a great time. We can provide children’s water toys, safety net, children’s menu, etc. Please contact us, so we can start planning.

Who decides the sailing itinerary?

Your wishes, the skipper’s opinion (in the case of skippered or crewed charter), and the weather condition will decide for your sailing holiday routes.

We will also send you our preferred sailing places. With maps, descriptions of the islands, where to go swimming, where to go shopping, and where to relax.

How to pack your luggage?

    • Pack light
    • Take a soft bag or a duffel bag
    • The essentials selection

For hot summer days: Beachwear, Rubber-soled shoes, deck shoes, sunglasses, sun cream, hat or cap, loose-fitting cotton cover-ups

For cooler or windy days: windbreaker, long pants

What are the weather conditions in Greece?

The climate of Greece is the Mediterranean on coasts and islands.

Spring is pleasant and sunny in most of Greece. The days with some rainfall become less and less frequent.

Summer in Greece is hot and sunny.

Autumn in Greece comes quite late; in September, summer-like weather still prevails, especially in the south and on the islands.

“The Meltemi winds” are often mentioned in Greece. They are dry, katabatic winds, strong, and seasonal, which appear all over the Aegean. Depending on where in Greece you are, they may come from the north, north-east, or north-west.

If you are familiar with the Beaufort wind scale, the Meltemi winds can reach around 7-8 Beaufort, or even more. In certain parts of the country, the winds may occasionally be exceeding speeds of 100 km/hour! However, even the Meltemi has its positives. It provides cooling, good visibility, and moisture reduction.

In April, May, and June, just as in September and October, a stable and reliable Mistral wind blows in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. There are no strong Meltemi winds during this time.

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