Tilos may occupy a small place on the map but its significance in the world is major.

Tilos was firstly inhabited in the prehistoric era and today is the first energy autonomous island, the first place in Europe where the same sex marriage was held, while the entire island is in the Natura 2000 network due to its unique flora and fauna.

If you are up for hiking many routes are going all around the island in which way you can enjoy the rare beauty of the place. Tilos offers a vast variety of plants, flowers herbs, and birds that make the island a place of attraction for anyone who loves nature, bear in mind that the island is an ideal destination for bird watching and hunting is prohibited. As to give you an idea, there is a museum on the island dedicated to dwarf elephants. It is considered that these elephants lived there 50,000 years ago and were extinct 3,700 years ago.

There are three main settlements on the island. The capital called Megalo Chorio, Livadia and Agios Antonios. If you have the time Visit the cave Charkadio, the Castle of the Knights, the church of Taxiarchis, the Monastery of Saint Panteleimona’s, the small church of Panagia Politissa, built in the 19th century, and that of Saint Nicola’s built in the 14th century. It may seem that the rare things on this island never end but we have one more that you want to know. Mikro Chorio (directly translated small village) is an abandoned settlement since 1940. There you can find remains dating from the 14th and 15th century of old houses, buildings, churches, and the remains of a medieval castle. You can visit it by day of course, but that is not the unique part about it. Its rarity comes that amidst all this history during the hot summer nights a bar opens there, where you can go and have a drink or two surrounded by history, olive trees, and age-old oaks.

We mentioned the fauna and flora of the island, but the beaches must not be left out. They are the ideal destination to enjoy the sun and go swimming in crystal clear waters and who knows a peacock may keep you some company at the beach of Plaka. See below our list with the ones you should not miss:

  • Livadia
  • Eristos
  • Agios Antonios
  • Plaka
  • Lethra
  • Vlyxada

Only accessible by boat are the beaches of Tholo, Skafi, and Agios Stefanos.

After the sightseeing, the hiking, and the swimming we bet you are hungry. Try the local cuisine and the many specialties they offer: Chontro (a dish with groats), yiaprakia (a variation of dolmas) pork kavourmas, tsouvra (traditional tomato soup with groats or rice), fouki (fried pork with onions), pitaroudia (chickpea balls), koulouria (hand-made pasta with red sauce or with butter and cheese) and fried pies with greens and herbs. It goes without saying that since you are on a greek island the main focus of any local cuisine is fresh fish and seafood. So ask for any fish of the day and if you find any recipe with seafood give it a try. We bet that you will have loads to choose from. If you crave something sweet then the local honey made from thyme is something you should try and maybe take some back with you. Melekounia, kserotigana and pougkakia are also sweet local delicacies.



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