Symi is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea. It is often called the jewel of the Dodecanese. And not unfairly so. The picturesque scenery one is met by while first approaching the island is enough reason but the beauty of the island only gets bigger and bigger as you go further into it.

The architecture of the island with its colorful neoclassical buildings and mansions is one of the reasons why the island is a pole of attraction for visitors all around the world.

The capital of the island called Chora consists of two settlements: Gualos and Ano Symi. The settlements are connected by 500 stoned steps called Kali Strata. Although it sounds exhausting and most probably is for most of us, the view you see once you are at the top is something you should not miss. It is worth mentioning that the Chora is a traditional preserved settlement. Apart from Kali Srata we have some more suggestions when it comes to sightseeing. There are a few museums you could visit (the archeological, the folklore and the naval). The Holy Monastery of Taxiarchis Michael of Panormitis is something that most people who find themselves on the island do not miss out on. Let us also suggest a stroll through the fish market and Gualos.

But would you be vacationing in Greece if you did not enjoy the beautiful beaches? The island is well known for the beauty of its coasts and its crystal blue waters. Below is our list with the best ones:

  • Agios Georgios Dysalonas
  • Agios Nkikolaos
  • Agios Vasilios
  • Nanou
  • Pedi
  • Agia Marina
  • Toil
  • Marathounta
  • Maroni
  • Seskli – Take advantage of your yacht and visit the beautiful green island located in the northern part of Symi. There you will find a beautiful beach with pebbles and mesmerizing blue waters.

When it comes to food as every Greek island Symi’s cuisine is known for the fresh fish and the recipes with seafood. There is one dish though that the island is famous for and that is the small kind of shrimp that is specific to the area. Locals like to it cooked only for a few minutes with a lot of lemon on top. Is there a dish that screams Greek summer more than that? We think not.

If you are looking for a quick mid-day snack we would suggest the small cheese pies called tourtes. But if like us you also get cravings for something sweet then we would like to let you know that some of the most known local delicacies are the butter cookies (kolouria voutirenia), akoumia (they resemble the Greek donuts but their main ingredient is rice and they are served either with powdered sugar and cinnamon or with honey and walnuts) and tzacharenia (they are sweet round cookies served with powder sugar).

And for the grand finale, we have one more, the famous misokofti. The locals like to say that it’s not a summer night if you do not close your dinner by misokofti. It is a light cream made by the juice of ripe prickly pears rich in vitamin C, copper, potassium, calcium, and especially magnesium. Your nutritionist cannot be too mad about this. Can they?



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