Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese and the fourth largest in Greece. If there is one island with vivid marks of its vast history then this is the one. We could write a book about its beauty, but the good thing for you is, you can skip that and visit the island yourselves.

We will try to contain ourselves and tell you only some things about the Greek Island of the Nights.

The island has known many conquers: Persians, Arabs, Saracens, Seljuks, the Knights of St. John, Turks, and Italians. All of them living their mark. There are many buildings remaining from all the different areas.

Try to visit the old town of Rhodes (included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites) the city’s walls, the medieval moat, and the paved Street of Knights. Castello, the Palace of Grand Master was built in the 14th century, one of the first buildings the Knights of Saint John constructed and is also a sight one should not miss.

The ancient acropolis of Lindos, the deer poles (where the statue of Colossus was placed), the archaeological museum (housed in the medieval castle the Knights used as a hospital), the necropolis of Korakoneros, the thermal baths in the Piges of Kallithea (which are known for their healing properties since ancient times), the Suleymaniye Mosque, the Monastery of Panagia Tsambika, the hill and the Holy Monastery of Panagia Filerimou (where you can hang out with peacocks that live freely there) and the pier of the mills are all things visitors highly suggest.

Another must is the Valley of Butterflies and a visit to the Seven Springs Waterfall. Rhodes has also a lot of routes for hiking to offer if you wish to see more of its natural beauty.

Although we are not done with the beauties of this island we have another thing we are excited about. The beaches of the island of course. Which are considered to be amongst the best Greece has to offer. Are you ready to cool down with a swim to some of the most beautiful locations you will ever visit? Below is our list with the ones you should explore:

  • Vlycha
  • Glystra
  • Elli
  • Afandou
  • Anthony Quin (Yes, it is named after the famous actor and is there that the filming of the movie The Cannons of Navarone took place)
  • Ialysos
  • Traganou
  • Fourni
  • Ladiko
  • Prasonisi

Also, have in mind that the island is perfect for those who love water sports and you can find many activities to do if you wish so.

The sightseeing, the hiking, the swimming, and the water sports you must have you ready for some food. If you are given the chance try the below delicacies.

  • Pitaroudia (chickpea balls)
  • Risotto with cuttlefish ink
  • Symian shrimp
  • Lacan (goat with chickpeas)
  • Ladopita
  • Tahini pie
  • The local wine and with the local olive oil
  • Suma (strong alcoholic spirit)
  • Koulouria (traditional pasta)
  • Giaprakia
  • Finally, there is a local company making beverages and beer which is worth a try.

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