Patmos is known as the Holy Island of the Aegean Sea, the Island of the Apocalypse, or the Jerusalem of the Aegean.

It there where, according to the tradition, Saint John, Christ’s favorite student heard God’s voice. Although a small island of the Dodecanese its cultural worth is enormous, due to which, people all around the world visit the island. The capital of the island is called Chora. It’s known for the windmills, its white houses, and the small narrow streets that may as well resemble a maze. We do not think that you would be too sad if you ever got lost there.

Once on the island, there are a few things you should see. First of all, it’s the Cave of the Apocalypse itself. The Monastery of Agios Ioannis the Theologian located in the capital of the island, the Monastery of Zoodochou Pigi, and the Monastery of the Prophet Elias are amongst the most famous on the island. The Rock of Kalikatsos is another location that attracts many visitors. Archeological finds in the area date back to 1,100 BC. The history of the place is intertwined with Greek mythology, Orthodox tradition, and local myths. In any case, the mesmerizing view alone is enough reason to visit, while most people also take the chance to meditate or pray while there. Finally, we would like to let you know that the capital of the island, the Cave of Apocalypse, and the monastery of Saint John’s are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

We think that the only thing that can top what you will experience if you decide to take our advice and go sightseeing, is a swim in the clear waters of Patmos. Below is a list of the beaches that are worth your time:

  • Agriolivado
  • Kampos
  • Psili Amos
  • Lampi
  • Agios Theologos
  • Petra
  • Vagia
  • Geranos
  • Groikos

As with every local cuisine, the food on the island is highly dependent on what’s available. And that would be amazing fish and seafood. If you love meat do not miss out on the traditional recipes that include pork with wine, lamb with a sauce with a lot of lemons, and filled rabbit. The local cuisine is famous for its sweets dishes. Try the local cheese pie, it’s a mix of savory and sweet due to the cheese, the cinnamon, and the sugar. Sviggoi, kserotigana, and the traditional donuts are also worth a shot and the calories that go with them.


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