Nisyros is another island of the Dodecanese. Known for its wild beauty and its volcano. The island due to the volcano has beaches with black pebbles, black and red sand.

The capital of the island is called Mandraki and is a traditional settlement with white houses and narrow streets.

There are a few things we would suggest as absolute musts and we are really excited about them. First of all visit the volcano and its crater Sefanos (you can walk there, but, do not touch anything as the rocks there may be caustic). Then we have the thermal springs which you can enjoy at the public baths. Not only you will feel relaxed but also to that you traveled in another time. The graphic villages of Mandraki, Emporio, Paloi and Nikia will accommodate your needs of wandering and getting to know the island. If you are up for more sightseeing then there is a museum regarding the volcano and a folklore museum. The Monastery of Panagia Spiliani and the Holy Monastery of Panagia Kyra are definitely worth your time.

As mentioned before the beaches of the island are quite unique. So here is a list with the ones you should not miss:

  • Chochlakoi
  • Paloi
  • Pachia Ammos
  • Gialiskari
  • Lues
  • Aulaki

There is a nearby island, called Guali with an amazing white scenery caused by the pumice, mines you can got to. Purgoussa, Pachia and Srogguli are some small islands also around Kalymnos that are worth your time.

When it comes to food we always suggest for you to try the local cuisine and when it is this good you should definitely opt for it. The local delicacies include: chickpea balls, local cheeses (mizithra and sakouliasti), skordalia (a dish made out of potatoes and garlic) with almonds, capers, sweet small tomatoes and finally two local drinks soumada (made of bitter almond) and kanelada (made from cinnamon).


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