Leros is on the northern part of the Dodecanese and is known as the island of Greek goddess Artemis. It is the ideal place for those who seek to spend their holidays relaxing.

The gulf of Lakki (or Porto Lagos) is the largest natural port in east Mediterranean and this is why the Italians created there their main naval base in Dodecanese in 1932. The capital of the island is called Platanos and the port is in Agia Marina.

There are many places you can visit in Leros and many villages that are worth your time. We already mentioned Agia Marina, Platanos and Lakki but, if you have the chance, spend some time in Ksirokampos, Partheni, Alinta, Kritharoni and Padeli. Now, regarding sightseeing we would suggest not to miss the war museum- which is quite unique since is housed in a preserved war tunell, the Bellinis’ Tower and the Castle of the Holy Virgin in Padeli. Also since you are on the island of Artemis is there a reason not to visit her temple in the Partheni Village? We think not.

Are you ready for a swim? Here is our list with the best beaches around.

  • Vromolithos
  • Alinta
  • Ksirokampos
  • Duo Laskaria
  • Koulouki
  • Merikia
  • Agia Kioura
  • Agios Spiridonas
  • Krithoni

When it comes to food the island is known for its agricultural production, the vineyards, the local produced figs, and prickly pears. Of course do not forget about the gkavafes, a fruit only found in Leros. The island has many traditional restaurants that will keep you more than satisfied.

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