Kalymnos is located in the Dodecanese and is most known for the tradition of fishing sponges. To which tradition the island owes its characterization as the island of sponges.

The capital of the island bears the same name as the island itself Kalymnos but it is also known as Pothia. It is the center of tourism and the main port.

The island has been inhabited since the Neolithic era so as you imagine it has many things for you to see. The main settlements of the island are: Panormos, Murties, Vathis, Argos, Masouri, Kamari, Vlychadia, Vothounoi, Emporios. Kalymnos is was thought to be the island of Greek god Apollo, so visiting his temple is a must. There are quite a few museums you can find (archeological, nautical, folklore) and also some castles. But know that the main activities on the island are rock climbing and scuba diving. The island has 16 caves you can visit the most sought after are that of Kaefalas, Seven Virgin’s and Skalon. Every year you a festival of climbing is being held.

When it comes to the beaches of the island the things keep getting better and better. As mentioned before one of the main activities on the island is scuba diving. The thing is that after an earthquake a part of the island was cut off and sunk at the bottom of the sea. Which if you are up for you can explore. There is a scuba diving festival you can attend once a year.

If you are not up for scuba diving or rock climbing and you just want to enjoy the sun, the amazing beaches and the crystal blue waters then the below list is for you. Here you can find the best beaches of the island:

  • Arginonta
  • Linearia
  • Vlychadia
  • Platis Gyalos
  • Murties
  • Masouri

We cannot stop from pointing out that you have a yacht at your service. Take it and visit the nearby islands of Pserimos and Telendos. You won’t be disappointed. We promise.

When you get hungry do not miss out the local food. The island is well known for its cuisine. Ask for Mououri (sounds weird but is extra good, we are talking about lamb filled with rice good!). Have you heard of Greek dolmas? Well although a pretty popular dish through Greece every area has its own recipe. No matter if you had them before or not we would suggest trying them as they are quite famous. Last but not least if you seem them on the menu order mirmizeli, another weird but good one –it’s a bun made from barley with tomato and cheese.

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