Chalki may be a small island in the Aegean Sea, with only one settlement (Nimporio), but its beauty is definitely mind-blowing.

The two and three store houses with colorful walls add a romantic atmosphere to the island. If nothing more it’s a classic case of a picturesque scene surely representative of what you have in mind when you think relaxing vacations in a Greek island.

While in the island we think you should try and visit the Church of Saint Nicolas, the clock tower, the monastery of Saint John (Alarga) and the Castle of Nights also known as the Village. A sight worth seeing is also the monastery of Taxiarchis Michael of Palarniotis which is surrounded by trees and offers a panoramic view. If you are fans of hiking then we would suggest going there from the path starting from Nimporio and passing through the Village. From Palarniotis there is a route for the church of Saint George that goes through the remains of medieval churches and abandoned windmills.

The emerald of the Aegean, as they call it due to its unique waters, offers plenty of places where you can swim. Find below a list of the beaches we think you should visit:

  • Pontamos
  • Kania
  • Guali
  • Fternagia
  • Areta
  • Traxeia – only reachable by boat.

After the hiking and the swimming we think it is time for some food. The local food is mouthwatering. We would suggest trying honey made from thyme, the soft cheese made from goat’s and sheep’s milk in a traditional way, the prickly pears known for their sweet taste, the local hand-made pasta, the koulia (pasta in the shape of a shell), the filled lamb and goat cooked in wooden ovens and the giaprakia. Also when in Greece always try and taste the fresh fish.

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