Agathonisi is a really small island in the northern part of the Dodecanese. It is the ideal place to spend some time if you wish to relax and enjoy good food, visit some great beaches and live like a local islander.

Agathonisi is considered to be the hidden diamond of the Aegean Sea. It may be small but the whole island including the islands surrounding it are included in the Natura 2000 network due to their fauna. Since they are the home of many rare bird species. Take advantage of the place and go hiking to see the beauty of the place your selves.

In one of the most relaxing islands, you will ever visit you should take your time and enjoy the sun and go swimming. There are many great beaches you can visit:

  • Spilia
  • Vathi Pigadi
  • Ammoudaki
  • Katholiko
  • Taggaris
  • Agios Georgios
  • Do not miss out on some remote beaches of the near islands (Glaros, Nera, Psathonisi, Kouneli) only accessible by boat. But hey, you have one at your disposal!

When it comes to food try any local dish with fresh fish and seafood. Do not miss out on steamed mussels, small cheese pies, and lamb with red sauce and potatoes. The local sweets with honey are also worth a try.

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