Northern Sporades (TO DO)


In the middle of history

The Saronic Gulf or gulf of Aegina is formed between the peninsula of Attica and Argolis. Within lie the beautiful islands Aegina, Agkistri, Spetses, Hydra, Poros, Salamina and the peninsula of Methana.

Wildlife & Dolphins

All Saronic Islands are wonderful destinations due to their natural beauty and wildlife – the gulf is even one of the congregating areas for short -beaked dolphins.

1st time best choice

​A major advantage of the Saronic, Argolic and eastern coast of the Peloponnesian Gulf is that it is a very well protected cruising area, making it fantastic for first time charterers.

There are mild winds, usually from the north to northeast with an average force of 3-4 BFT and it is predominately sheltered from the strong Meltemi wind that affects most of the other Island groups in Greece. This sheltered location and its close proximity to Athens makes it a brilliant sailing destination all year round.


From Alimos (Athens)

One week charter to Saronic and Argolic Gulf:

  • Saturday: Check in (17:00 p.m.) Alimos – Epidauros 30 n.m.
  • Sunday: Epidauros – Poros 20 n.m.
  • Monday: Poros – Hydra 13 n.m.
  • Tuesday: Hydra – Spetses 15 n.m.
  • Wednesday: Spetses – Hermioni 10 n.m.
  • Thursday: Hermioni – Aegina 33 n.m.
  • Friday: Aegina – Alimos 17 n.m.
  • Saturday: Check out (09:00 a.m.) Alimos

Two weeks charter to to Saronic, Argolic Gulf & Eastern Peloponnese:

  • Saturday: Check in (17:00 p.m.) Alimos – Aegina 17 n.m.
  • Sunday: Aegina – Epidaurus 14 n.m.
  • Monday: Epidaurus – Poros 20 n.m.
  • Tuesday: Poros – Hydra 13 n.m.
  • Wednesday: Hydra – Porto Heli 18 n.m.
  • Thursday: Porto Heli – Nafplio (Nafplion) 23 n.m.
  • Friday: Nafplio (Nafplion) – Leonidion 26 n.m.
  • Saturday: Leonidion – Monemvasia 30 n.m.
  • Sunday: Monemvasia – Kyparissi 18 n.m.
  • Monday: Kyparissi – Spetses 20 n.m.
  • Tuesday: Spetses – Hermioni 10 n.m.
  • Wednesday: Hermioni – Aegina (Perdika) 30 n.m.
  • Thursday: Perdika – Cape Sounion (Sounio) 27 n.m.
  • Friday: Cape Sounion (Sounio) – Alimos 22 n.m.
  • Saturday: Check out (09:00 a.m.) Alimos

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