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Ithaka, the island of Odysseus the famous hero of Heliad and Odyssey. Alcinous the king of Phaeacians (now days Corfu) with the clever ships and Ioannis Kapodistrias the first head of state of modern Greece. A history of centuries where a combination of different cultures left their trademark in the further west part of Greece.


The Ionian Islands lie off the Greece’s west coast, across Epirus in the Ionian Sea and also known as Heptanese (the seven islands). The unique waters, with gentle winds and mild weather, make those islands an ideal destination.

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The magical islands! Incredible sceneries, elegance, romance, tradition, hospitality, the world-famous Greek cuisine, high-quality services and of course music! Music everywhere, bands playing, people singing, guitars and violins. If angels decided to live on Earth for sure, they would choose the Ionian islands.

Classical and at the same time modern, those islands may cover the needs of even the most demanding cruiser. Corfu, the “lady” of the Heptanese. Paxi, with the clear, see-through waters. Kefalonia with its famous guitar players and many choruses. Zakynthos, “the flower of the west”. Ithaka, where Odysseus palace was. Apart from the fantastic landscape, the blue-green waters of the Ionian Sea, the amazing cuisine and the friendly people, all the marines provide high-quality service.

The weather is mild and the winds very gentle from spring to mid-autumn. An ideal destination for cruising if you have children. We are sure that a cruise to the Ionian Islands, with one of our yachts, will not be only joyful but also an experience you will never forget!

The best way to reach the Ionian Sea is from Marina Corfu, Preveza and Lefkada.

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Lagoon 42 (2020) | Alima

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Lagoon 46 (2020) | Achilles

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Dufour 460GL (2019) | Tango II

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