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A full day sailing in the Saronic !

Explore onboard a sailing  Catamaran, the beautiful Aegina’s coasts!

On our full-day sailing Athenian cruise, we will explore the Eastern coast of Aegina island and its surrounding beautiful secluded coves. Our trip begins at 10:00 am from Alimos Marina, Athens and our return is estimated by 07:00 pm. You will experience the most out of your full 9-hour day on board with plenty of sailing, swimming, and tasting local delicacies. We will sail on our spacious and comfortable catamaran with the company of our friendly and knowledgeable crew. Our selected vessel is the ideal boat for an enjoyable and exciting day at sea. Her large decks and open spaces offer our guests the maximum window to relaxation. Lay back and take in the warm Greek sun while sipping your cold refreshments offered onboard. A 2 hour sailing time will warm you up, and get you ready for swimming in one of our carefully-selected swimming spots.

Our Captain has a huge experience in finding the best spots for our swimming anchorages, where lunch will be served too. Our 2-hour long stop will find you savoring a variety of typical Greek delicacies freshly prepared for you onboard, accompanied with a glass of wine or soft drink. Following our stop here, we may head up to one of Aegina’s accessible harbors, Agia Marina in North-East side of Aegina, depending on weather conditions. Here you will have almost 2 hours at your disposal during which, you can choose to either visit the breathtaking ancient temple of Aphaia, or simply sit in a local café after your stroll to observe the local views. At around 04:00 p.m. we leave Agia Marina behind, and sail around the northern coasts, to one of the clearest coves, off Vagia where another shorter swim stop will take place. Cool off and get ready for our return, back to Athens where we expect to be arriving after a fully memorable day at sea!

Aegina is more low-key than islands like Spetses or Hydra, which are popular destination isles for wealthy Athenians. More importantly, it has one of the most complete temples in Greece. The 2,500-year-old Temple of Aphaia is a five-minute taxi ride, from Agia Marina village, and offers excellent views to Athens & the Saronic. Otherwise, you may choose to spend your time strolling the village of Agia Marina, visit the souvenir stores, and grab an ice-cream in one of the coastal cafes.

Vagia is a small village located in the northeast corner of the island. The hills in this corner of the island are covered with pine forests. The village has a picturesque small harbor with many small colored fishing boats. Next to the harbor on the left, you can find a big sandy beach and a smaller one on the right. From the end of May until the middle of September the two tavernas set on the beach are offering sunbeds and umbrellas for free to clients.

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