Sifnos is approx. 140 km from Athens, and is named after the ancient Attic hero Sifnos. The first traces of human activity are from the proto Greek period, as a double wall around an Acropolis of that period was found on the island.

The first inhabitants were from Crete. In antiquity, the island was very famous for the gold and silver mines and its inhabitants were very rich.  

Like all the other Cyclades, after the fall of Constantinople, it was occupied by the Venetians and the Ottomans. 

The picturesque houses on the island, all white, with typical Cycladic architecture, are built next to stone roads that their joints are also painted white. 

Τhe island is approx. 74 km2 and nowadays has a population of approx. 2.500. The capital of the island is Apollonia, named after the god Apollo. The biggest village on the island is Artemonas, named after the goddess Artemis.

Sifnos is famous for its pottery and its excellent cuisine, as the most well know Greek chef was born there.

Discover Sifnos

  • The Venetian Castle and the Archeological Museum 
  • The Archeological site of Agios Andreas
  • The Monastery of Panagias Chrysopigi
  • The Iero ton Nymphon, the temple of the Nymphs
  • The tomb “Soroudi”, dated from the 17th -11th centuries B.C.

The beaches 

  • Kamares
  • Platis Gialos
  • Vathi
  • Faros
  • Chrysopigi
  • Cheronissos
  • Vroulidia
  • Fikiada

Activities and Events

On First Year’s Eve, a competition for the best carols singer takes place. 

During the big Fest before Easter, there is a traditional game, like bowling, played in pairs.

As, in all other Greek islands there are many religious festivals, mainly during summer.

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