Two tiny islands of the “Small Cyclades”, the smallest of the Cyclades, Koufonisia are approx. six hours from Athens. The islands are Ano Koufinisi that is continually inhabited since the Prehistoric time up today and Kato Koufonisi that is uninhabited. When we refer to Koufonisia we refer to Ano Koufonisi.

Along with the other islands of the Cyclades, Koufonisi was occupied by the Venetians and the Ottomans.

The highest point of the island is just 113m. and that makes Koufonisi ideal for walking. No need to use a car.

Τhe island is only 5,8 km2 and nowadays has a population of approx. 440.

Discover Koufonisia

There is a Folklore Museum in Koufonisi. Another interesting point is the caves on the island.

But the most amazing sight is the islet of Keros, SE of Koufonisi, one of the most important centers of the Cycladic Civilization. The amazing fact is that the shape of Keros looks like a lying female figure.

The beaches

  • Ammos
  • Hontros Kavos
  • Harokopou
  • Fanos
  • Platia Pounta
  • Pori, the most famous one

Activities and Events

Despite the fact Koufonisia are tiny islands, the last years are famous touristic destinations. Green-blue waters, calmness, no need to use a car!

If you’re planning to visit the island at the end of May don’t miss the Fisherman’s Festival with a lot of music, dancing, wine, and food.


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