Folegandros is 190 km from Athens and was named after the Minoan King, Folegandros. The island was the shelter of the Minoans that were persecuted from Crete. 

The Middle Ages was occupied by the Venetians and in the 17th century, the island was occupied by the Ottomans that enslaved all its inhabitants. 

Folegandros is a rocky, dry island with only a few torrents providing water. Most of the island is a protected habitat of Natura 2000. On the island, you can see the rare seals Monachus – Monachus.

Τhe island is approx. 33 km2 and nowadays has a population of 800. The capital of the island is Folegandros or Chora and has few settlements, i.e. Ano Meria, Petousis, and the port is called Karavostasis. 

Discover Folegandros

  • Kastro, a medieval settlement in Chora
  • The Ecomuseum in Ano Meria
  • Chrysospilia, that apart from being a natural cave you can see on the rocks inside carved names of teenagers since antiquity!
  • Kastelos, a tiny rocky peninsula on the north of the island where you can see a Proto Cycladic settlement. 

The beaches 

  • Vardia
  • Choclidia
  • Latinaki
  • Pountaki
  • LIvadi 
  • Vitsenzos 
  • Fira
  • Katergo
  • Agali

Activities and Events

On August 21st every year, there is a festival dedicated to fish soup, with lots of music and dancing.

On August 28th, another festival takes place, dedicated to local cheese.

As on all other Cyclades, many religious festivals take place every year, all around the year.

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