Ionian Islands


Also known as Zante and in Venetian “il Fiore di Levante” (the flower of the Levant). The name of the island comes from Zakynthos, the son of an ancient king, who first inhabited the island. Homer called the island Iliessa meaning full of trees. The island was occupied by the Venetians, the French, the Russians, and the Turks until […]

Paxos & Antipaxos

When the god Poseidon fell in love with Amphitrite and wanted a place to house their love, he cut off the south part of Corfu. And so Paxoi was created. The emerald islands of Paxoi and Antipaxoi are a place worth seeing just once in a lifetime. Amazing waters, picturesque villages, a real jewel of […]


The smallest island in the Ionian Sea, Kastos, is located southeast of Lefkada and is a long shape isle of just 6km2 and 50 inhabitants in winter. In the summertime, though, there are approx. 500 people on the island. The nickname of the island is “Hermit” due to the isolation it provides. It is full […]


If the Corfu is the “Queen of the Ionian”, Parga is the “Princess of the Ionian”. The picturesque town, despite it is located in the mainland district of Epirus, looks like an Ionian Island, known for its environment. Inhabited since the ancient years, was a very important point during the Roman occupation of Greece. The […]


The worldwide known name, Ithaca, according to the myth was the homeland of Odysseus and is generally identified with the modern island of Ithaca, one of the Heptanese. The history of the island connected with that of the other Ionian Islands as it was occupied by Venetians, French, British until it was part of Greece […]


The name of the island comes from the cape Lefkada to the south end of it and it means White Edge. According to myth, that is the place that the famous ancient poetess Sappho, committed suicide due to the unfortunate love for the ferryman, Phaon. There are traces of human activity on the island since the Paleolithic […]


The “Queen of the Ionian”, where beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches, picturesque villages, elegance, and class combine with the smiley and happy people of the island. Since antiquity, the island is called the island of music. The name of the island in Greek is, Kerkyra and the name Corfu (mountain/hilltop) comes from the Byzantine name of […]


The largest of the Ionian Islands is the sixth biggest island of Greece. Its official name is Kefallinia and the myth says that the island was given as a present to the Athenian hero Kefalos. There is also a saying that the name of the island comes from the word kefali (head in Greek). There are traces of human […]

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