The “emerald” of Small Cyclades, close to Amorgos and according to mythology is the island where Theseus and Ariadne stopped on their way from Crete to Athens. The god Dionysus, fell in love with Ariadne and stole her from Theseus. Since antiquity was on crossroads and Donoussa was the island where travelers used to stop […]


Folegandros is 190 km from Athens and was named after the Minoan King, Folegandros. The island was the shelter of the Minoans that were persecuted from Crete.  The Middle Ages was occupied by the Venetians and in the 17th century, the island was occupied by the Ottomans that enslaved all its inhabitants.  Folegandros is a […]


A tiny island of the Cyclades, between Folegandros and Ios, Sikinos was named after Sikinos, the son of King of Lemnos island,  Thoanta. There are signs of human activity on the island since the Neolithic period. Sikinos is 41,5 km2 and nowadays has a population of approx. 250. The island has only three settlements Alopronia, […]


The only island of the Cyclades that has plenty of water and green, Andros is like a miniature of Greece. Beautiful beaches, high mountains, deep valleys, small rivers, running waters, vineyards, and cypresses trees along with oaks, olive trees, and citrus trees. The island was named after the grandson of god Apollo, Andros brother of […]


The tiny, rocky island at the heart of the Cyclades, is less than 1 nautical mile away from Paros. The island was inhabited since the Neolithic period but next to Antiparos there are two very small islands, called Saliagos and Despotiko that are of great archeological interest, as in the first one archeologists found the […]


Two tiny islands of the “Small Cyclades”, the smallest of the Cyclades, Koufonisia are approx. six hours from Athens. The islands are Ano Koufinisi that is continually inhabited since the Prehistoric time up today and Kato Koufonisi that is uninhabited. When we refer to Koufonisia we refer to Ano Koufonisi. Along with the other islands […]


Kythnos, approx. 100 km from Athens, is named after the mythological King, Kythnos. The island is also called “Thermia” (hot springs) due to the many thermal springs and in Prehistoric times it was called “Ofioussa” meaning land of snakes for obvious reason. The first traces of human activity are from the 8th millennium B.C. During […]


Another island of the “Small Cyclades”, next to Naxos and approx. 7 hours from Athens. There are traces of human activity from the Hellenistic period and had the same fortune as all the other Cyclades. Τhe island is just 9 km2 and nowadays has a population of approx. 250. The port of the island, Mersini, is […]


Sifnos is approx. 140 km from Athens, and is named after the ancient Attic hero Sifnos. The first traces of human activity are from the proto Greek period, as a double wall around an Acropolis of that period was found on the island. The first inhabitants were from Crete. In antiquity, the island was very […]


The island of the Cyclopes, according to mythology, is 120 km from Athens. The birthplace of Perseus has since antiquity the same name, which means “cistern”. Despite its name was a very rich island due to its underground ores that helped its inhabitants not to involve in agriculture, trade, and sailing as the islanders of […]


The cosmopolitan Mykonos is worldwide known for its nightlife, clubs, and celebrities that visit the island. Mykonos is approx. 160 km from Athens.   Named after the hero Mykonos, is according to mythology the place that Hercules killed the Giants. The municipality of Mykonos also includes the sacred island of Delos and few more tiny islands […]


The island with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world is 128 km from Athens. The official name of the island is Thira. Santorini (Santa Irini) was called by the Frank crusaders. In the prehistoric times, the island was round but due to a volcanic explosion, the western part sunk. Its famous volcano […]

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